Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dot on Dot off

We can all agree that the folks over at Google are web programming wizards, right? If you've ever even heard of google docs and what it does with javascript, you won't argue with me (not that you could anyways, this is a blog, not a conversation).

Now that we're all on the same page, let's poke fun at

On my blog stats page, there's this nifty graph:

Please take note of the cool dot that highlights where on the graph my cursor is and shows me what stats my blog has for that point in time (And yes, I'm aware almost no one reads my blog). Cool, right? I stumbled onto an error Google left in when they built this little graph. Take a look at what happens when you scroll down without moving your mouse at all.

Suddenly, our dot is off. And what if you've got even more space to scroll down?

Suddenly the post from blogger has stat information! Smooth, google. Real smooth.

What's my point (besides to make fun of google a little, even though they're all smarter than me?

Test. Test. Test. That's my point. You can never test enough, so test as much as you possibly can.

And I found a mistake that Google made. That too.