Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I want an iPad! Part 2

In the previous post we established that tablets are in general are a good idea for executive/VP/Management typed jobs to have so now the big question: Android, iOS, or Windows tablet?

Let's look at these from two angles:

1. How easy is it for an IT department to get them running within a current environment?

2. How comfortable are execs using it?

For the first, windows tablets are the hands down winners (Windows, not Windows RT). Rather than incorporating a whole new operating system and purchasing expensive software to manage it, it's just a different version. Not to say it's plug and play, but getting windows to match corporate security standards is much easier than iOS or Android.

The second is more complex and depends on the executive. iPads are easy to use. There's no way around it. My grandmother (who is in her mid eighties) can use it confidently. I'm not comparing VPs and managers to my grandmother....but the point stands.

Android tablets sound scary. They're also less shiny and less well marketed than iPads. Long story short, it's more difficult to get a non-technical person to use an android tablet.

Windows should be obvious, right? It's what every enterprise uses. It's common. We've all been using it forever. What surprised me was that it wasn't that simple. Most execs I've talked to don't want a windows tablet. I guess it's the intangibles, because they want an (you guessed it) iPad.

Is this the right choice? The techie in me says no for the reasons above. But there is something to be said for keeping execs happy and comfortable.