Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Cyber Security Exhaustion

Do you feel overwhelmed by cyber security?

Me too. Let me give you my brief personal background.

I started fixing viruses when I was about ten (nothing complicated, but I figured out how to boot into safe mode and then run antivirus and search a hard drive for malware). That was pretty much when I decided my career. From there I started building websites, took programming classes, and snagged a B.S. in Computer Science in college. I am, by all definitions, a geek.

My point is I've been in technology for a long time. It's a huge part of my life. And I often feel overwhelmed by it.

The effort involved in understanding technology is huge, but to add on the number of people trying to break in and steal your information is a lot of added effort. Sometimes the temptation to become a luddite is almost too much. But don't give up. Technology and what it adds to our lives with communication, keeping up with loved ones, academic research, etc. is well worth it.

This post comes from my recent position change to a Security Management team. A couple weeks ago I asked for an overview of our network configuration and my head has been spinning since then. If you feel overwhelmed, take hope. Professionals get there sometimes too. Just take each technology one step at a time.