Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Example Cloudformation template for Opsworks Stack

I recently spent some time struggling through the AWS documentation to create an Opsworks Stack using Cloudformation. The AWS documentation is comprehensive for the resources available, but a little lacking on examples for how to link them together.

I thought I'd share a sanitized example of what I found, so it's below.

To implement this in your own environment, you will need to swap out the account specific information like Opsworks Service role, subnets, security groups, and current AMI IDs, and the Chef recipe to run on the Setup lifecycle event.

Lastly, this won't be much use unless you have a repository of Chef recipes to run on these.

This template creates an Opsworks stack with a single layer and two Ubuntu 16.04 instances. The instances are dependent on each other so that they will get created at different times and get different hostnames.

The instances are time controlled and created with a schedule of on during Central time business hours.