Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I was told there would be support?

If you work in a technical position and use any sort of vendor product you have likely had to call them for help with their technology.

Here we run into a question: do you have engineers answer the questions more slowly or hire non technical people to answer more quickly.

It's can't decide which I prefer. Each option has it's pros and con's. Right now, in more bitter about having non technical people answer more quickly.

I called IBM recently to get help with one of their version control tools. I was deep, deep inside the configuration (so deep I could barely feel the keyboard) but I ran into a problem. My password to the licensing center wasn't working.

My phone was handy, so I called support and explained the situation  and that I needed my password reset. Their first question: what browser version are you running?

It may not sound that bad, but it jerked me out of my zone pretty good. Every sharepoint engineer has experienced the same thing. You call Microsoft and ask a question, but instead of help they respond: Why aren't you using IE?

These situations make all of us feel like this poor guy: